All Greenriver Pickups are hand made in our workshop in Denmark. Each pickup are scatter wound with the exact amount of tension, so it provides a large dynamic range. Only the best material like magnets, cobber wire and bobbins will be used.

50´s Pickups

The 50´s single coils  produces a clean transparent glas like sound. With alnico 5 magnets and Formvar cobber wire, it gives you the feel  and tone like a  true vintage pickup

Price  280 €  / 2100.- dkr set

60´s Pickups

The 60´s single coils  gives you a clear bright sound. With its Plain enamel coated wire it offers a wide range of classic single coil tones. With the neck pickup slightly overwound this set works very well with overdrives

Price 280 € / 2100 dkr set

Humbucker Pickups

All humbucker pickups are burst bucker wound and matches as a pair.
GR Humbuckers comes with 3 diffrent magnets, Alnico 2, 4 and 5.
Alnico 2 gives the sweet classic vintage feel
Alnico 4 offers a bit more punch
Alnico 5 Provides everything from crispy clean to hard rock tones

Price 280 € / 2100 dkr set