Model GR-16 fanned fret

I a world where guitarists constantly seek to push the boundaries of music and ability, the search is on for the perfect tool. Well here it is, the GR-16-7FF (also available as a 6-string model). The GR-16-7FF features the same sleek lines and comfort curves that you’ll find on a regular GR-16. You also get the same customizability regarding woods and electronics, being able to choose between a number of exotic tops, core woods and neck configurations, and pickups from highly regarded makers like the UK based Bare Knuckle. But that is where the similarities end. The obvious difference is that the GR-16-7FF features a 7th low B-string and multiscale system, allowing for high snappy tension for piano-like chugging lows on the bottom strings (27”) and smooth soulful bends with regular tension on the high strings (25,5”). The ergonomics are improved by this system as well, seeing as the frets now follow the natural fanned motion of the hand, as you go up the neck. So whether you need that extra snap for you deadly chugging riffs, or you need the extra range for your advanced jazz comping, the new and improved extended range GR-16-7FF (or GR-16-6FF) is the companion for you.

The instrument shown in the pictures features:
Sapele mahogany body
Spalted and flamed maple top
One-piece completely quartersawn maple neck
Dual carbon rod neck reinforcement system
Rosewood finger board
16” radius
27”-25,5” scale
Bareknuckle fan compensated slanted pickups
ABM single string saddles
Amber nitro laquer finish