The luthier

In 1975 my parents gave me my first guitar, it was the best gift a 10 year old boy could get. A new dimension came into my life and I played it for countless hours. Growing up in the familys furniture factory, wood and craftmanship became an essential part of my life

At the age of 19 I finished a 3 year education as a diploma cabinet maker and the basic wood working skills to become a luthier was optained.


I belive that wood is one of the worlds most important resources, working with wood for more than 3 decades has turned into a passion for this amazing material. When customers enter my workshop they often say “what an amazing smell of wood”. Yes the masculine smell of cedar tree, or the sweet vanilla odur from Brazillian rosewood is not to be mistaken.

I carry a collection of tonewood with many exotic and rare species. When a guitar is ordered, the customer can choose between several tonewood sets of the desired species. Prior to building all woods are stored for years in a humidity controlled area.

The Guitars